Monday was a Bank Holiday here.  This makes absolutely no difference to us as Mondays are generally Simon’s day off anyway, but as my mother was off work as well we decided to visit her.  My mother is going to be moving to a smaller flat in the summer and needs to downsize and de-clutter.  We thought we could combine going out for the day with bringing back here anything that she wants to keep hold of but won’t have room for anymore.  I ended up sifting through some clothes from the 70s and 80s with her while Simon patiently read the newspaper.  We did finally get out and had a walk along the River Thames at Cookham (Berkshire), followed by lunch on the bank.  As you can see from the photo it was a sunny day, in fact the weather went from being cool and rainy to mid-summer heat overnight.  When I took this photo we had just watched a canoe capsize as soon as it was launched on the opposite bank, and no sooner had I taken the photo than Bertie (dog) tried to drown himself and had to be fished out by Simon. 


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