I’ve finally got the menu for the week drawn up:

  • tonight: white fish, spring greens with wet garlic;  rhubarb (from the garden) and custard
  • Thursday:  sausages, mashed potatoes, broccoli
  • Friday:  mushroom risotto
  • Saturday:  parmesan aubergine – yup, that will be two weeks in a row, but it went down well last week and I’d like to perfect the recipe
  • Sunday:  roast turkey, roast pots, carrots.  (this is the turkey I bought half-price in the run up to Easter and we still haven’t eaten it yet!  It is taking up quite a lot of freezer space.  My plan is to have some on Sunday and then freeze the rest of the meat in meal size portions and spread them over the next few weeks.  Turkey soup will probably feature large next week!
  • Monday:  lamb marinaded in lemon and garlic (BBQ’d if the weather continues like this), flat breads, bean and onion salad

I need to work on few more pudding recipes – I tend to go blank when it comes to thinking up dessert, but Simon and my father-in-law feel a meal isn’t complete without it.  I have ice cream in the freezer as a back-up option!


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