best dress


Sunday morning, washed, hair done, lenses in, and I was standing in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear to Church. 

Anybody else ever been in that situation? 

The weather has changed dramatically in the last ten days, it seems to have gone straight from winter to summer with nothing in between.  I know what to wear to Church in winter – I have my Sunday “uniform” of brown jumpers* and brown suede or brown-with-sequins-and-embroidery skirt, and the brown boots to go with them.  The weather changed so suddenly I hadn’t even given any thought to what to wear in the summer.  We didn’t have much of a summer last year so this wasn’t a problem then (not that I’m complaining about that.  The bad weather kept the vandalism down.).  So I stood staring in the wardrobe, grateful to have a choice, but not sure what to do.  Then, suddenly, the dress I bought two years ago caught my eye.  It was a sale item, and I’d never worn it.  It still had the labels on. 

It is a rare person who has never bought an item reduced and then regretted it later on, but this time it wasn’t a mistake purchase, rather a too-good-to-wear-got-to-be-saved-for-best item.  It is a gorgeous dress, comfortable to wear but beautiful to look at, green and black crinkled silk with copper-coloured embroidery.  And it was less than half price when I bought it.  I still couldn’t believe the label when I saw it again.  My strictly-for-best summer dress.  I even got a pair of high-heeled peep-toe sandals to go with it.  And in 22 months I haven’t worn it once.  (I did wear the shoes a couple of times)  This morning I looked at it and suddenly thought “what am I waiting for?  How long am I going to leave this in my wardrobe unworn?  What point is there to having it if I never ever wear it?”  I had been waiting for a special occasion to attend, a special place to go.  Suddenly I knew that special place was Church.  The special occasion was our Sunday worship.  What better celebration to wear it to than the celebration of God’s love, of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection, and (particularly today, Pentecost) the gift of the Holy Spirit our guide and encourager. 

So I wore my best dress.  To the court of the King.


*US readers: “jumper” = “sweater”,   the US jumper is our pinafore  (this confused and baffled me for a little while after I read of people wearing denim jumpers!)


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  1. MrsC

    I wonder what it is about ‘us’ that we have this thing about saving things for ‘best’ Having said that I can’t think of a better time for you to wear you best dress.

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