veggie box

In this week’s veggie box are:

potatoes, carrots, salad onions, spring greens, butternut squash, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, courgettes and peppers (bell peppers)

(Spring greens are apparently very similar to collard greens, same family as kale)

I decided to move up from the small box to the medium one which gives us 10 different items (small was 8 items).  We ate the asparagus for lunch – delicious.

Our menu for the week is:

  • tonight:  aubergine parmesan (Simon cooked us a Spanish omelette the night I’d planned to make this last week)
  • Wednesday:  liver (coated in flour and fired in strips), mashed pot.s, spring greens
  • Thursday:  pasta bake with butternut squash, peppers, courgettes, carrots
  • Friday:  smoked mackerel, courgettes, bean and onion salad
  • Saturday:  turkey soup with herb dumplings, followed by pancakes
  • Sunday – out for dinner
  • Monday:  sausages, mash and whatever veggies are left

I’m having very mixed results from my vegetable patch – mainly because of the damage the dog has done on a couple of occasions (yes, it is fenced off, but anyone who has met Bertie knows it is just not that simple).  We did have our first dish from my efforts yesterday, a salad with two different types of salad leaf and chives.  Yummy.  Eating something you have grown yourself is such a wonderful feeling!



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3 responses to “veggie box

  1. Courgettes are what type of veggie?
    Not familiar with this name.
    I am so looking forward having some space on our new property to have my own garden. It won’t get in this year but I look forward to having one next year. I have enjoyed doing some canning in years past…it will be nice to can some of my own things.

    I love the creativity of your menus.
    Much different from what we are used to every day.

  2. I found out what courgettes are similar too–zucchini.
    In our house they love when I sautee this with fresh garlic, rosemary, butter, lemon juice, Worcestershire and salt and pepper. Throw in a little sauteed shrimp and you have something fantastic to go over pasta.

  3. vicaragekate

    That’s it – the courgettes and I are coming over to you for dinner!

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