Simon and I got back to bed at about 5.00 after our latest lead theft incident, grateful for any more sleep before our busy days ahead.  Simon had a big funeral, and I was going, for the first time, to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Esher a few miles south of here. 

Tired as I was I wondered even more whether it was worthwhile going to this.  What kept me to my decision to go in the end was that I had a free ticket and a lift.  I am so glad I went, as it was great!  With a large number of exhibitors promoting everything Church-related – charities, holidays, worship resources, vestments, tracts. . .  There was pretty much anything I could think of that had a church link, and quite a bit more besides.  There was even a conservative Mennonite family over from the States with Rod and Staff  publications. 

There were some good shopping opportunities as well – all of the little group I went with spent more than we’d expected to.  I was delighted to buy a stock of cheap advent calendars to sell in our Church in November (it is hard to find affordable religious ones), and really thrilled to find a copy of the New Testament in Turkish (I’m bilingual) for just £4.50!  I’m still sifting through all the various brochures and leaflets that were thrust into my hands during the day.  I can’t wait to go again next year!


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  1. Goodness what excitement!
    I can not imagine stealing something from a church–talk about no fear of God.

    I am glad that you were able to have a great time afterwards. And I hope the both of you have gotten some rest.
    Hope they catch the guys. Maybe it will give your husband the chance to witness to them.

    Maybe God allowed them to come to the church so that He could give His Son to them. 😉

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