lead theft

The doorbell rang at 3.30 on Tuesday morning.  I woke up hoping that it was just a dream/ my brain playing tricks, but Simon had been woken up, too.  Then it rang again and all doubt was removed. 

It was the police (which was a relief, at least until I started thinking about why they were here).  Lead thieves had been busy on our Church roof again (this is the fourth time), and this time they had been spotted.  The police wanted access to our back garden to bring a police dog and handler in as they suspected someone was hiding there.  The police dog wandered into our garden, picked up Bertie’s scent (he was being completely silent through all this), and promptly pee’d on our peonies (I couldn’t quite believe his choice of plant either) and had to be hauled off by his handler.  Our back garden was clear, and despite the best efforts of the police team and a helicopter none of the thieves were caught. 

They’d left the lead behind when they fled to the police loaded that into their vehicles and took it off to the station for finger-printing.  This means at least we will be able to take the lead to the scrap yard and get some money for it in due course. 

None of our lead is visible from the ground, or from the first storey of a house, and the obvious course of action is to remove any lead not already stolen and replace with another roofing material.  The roofs that have already been ransacked have to be re-roofed and clearly using lead will just mean that we get into a nice cycle of funding regular lead thievingtrips.  Obvious, don’t you think?  Well, the diocesan authorities in their wisdom decided last week that this wouldn’t do.  Thankfully, after this week’s events they have reluctantly agreed to this course of action.  If they hadn’t stopped us from following our proposed plan of action the latest theft and resulting damage to the interior of the building (it has been raining again) wouldn’t have happened.  Grrrr.





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