this week’s veg and menu

This weeks veg box contains:  potatoes, carrots, onions, pak choi, mushrooms, broccoli, aubergine, wet garlic, cherry tomatoes, courgettes.

The menu for this week is:

  • Today (feeding the Church wardens before a meeting as well):  lentil pie (like cottage pie only with lentils instead of mince), broccoli;  fruit salad
  • Thursday:  tomato, courgette and goat’s cheese tart; blancmange flavoured with carob syrup
  • Friday:  white fish, pak choi stir fried with wet garlic; lemon tart
  • Saturday:  chicken and mushrooms in a savoury white sauce, rice; lemon tart
  • Sunday: I’m the only one here for dinner this Sunday so not sure quite what I’ll have – but I know I will trade pudding for cheese!
  • Monday:  stuffed aubergines, rice




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2 responses to “this week’s veg and menu

  1. Oh…I love reading other people’s menus! I need some inspiration. LOL

  2. Holly

    Hello, Kate! So good to catch up with you again! The curtains look lovely – good job!

    And the saute’ed greens – yummy! 🙂

    How are you feeling?

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