getting creative

I finally got brave enough to use the fabric dye I bought last year on a few items of clothing. 

I’m delighted with the results. 

It was machine dye, really easy to use.  My only other experience of dying clothes was in high school where we once had to tie-dye a piece of fabric.  It was fun and interesting to do but I could never think of anything to do with the fabric after it was dyed!

This dress, skirt and T-shirt have all been sitting at the bottom of the laundry basket for over a year.  The dress isn’t really my style but definitely wasn’t my colour, the T-shirt was cream but with mystery stains that wouldn’t come out, and the skirt was originally navy and went with nothing else in my wardrobe any more (I had to strip the colour out of the skirt first).  Since the colour change I have worn them all (you’ll be glad to hear that I did iron them before I wore them even if I didn’t get that done for the photo).  The white embroidery round the base of the dress didn’t take the dye, I thought it was cotton so I’m rather surprised by this, but it still seems to work quite well.  Suddenly my wardrobe has increased, and with very little expenditure. 

I’m now casting around the house looking for more items to dye. . .


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One response to “getting creative

  1. Great job!
    I tried my hand at dieing once but the outcome was not good.
    I like the whit at the bottom of the brown dress…it adds a little something.
    I guess your hubby better keep a close eye on his closet or he may end up with some new items too. 😉

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