I am now officially Treasurer of our Church.  The previous Treasurer had done the job for eight years and was desperate to give up.  We have been trying to get someone else to take this on for the past 6 months but with no success.  So, nervously, I have stepped into the breach.  I’m not even good at maths.  Reluctant though I am I do feel that it would be really useful for me to be able to manage a church’s accounts, and I am quite relishing learning to get to grips with them.  My hope is that once I know what I’m doing and am comfortable with the task I might manage to find someone to help me with the accounts and then gradually train them to take over from me. 

On a practical note for managing the accounts we have decided that any cheques (e.g., for expenses) payable to Simon will be countersigned by one of the Churchwardens rather than by me.  In this way we will be able to ensure that we can prove everything is all above board.



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