I fluffed up the pillows and pulled back the duvet to get into bed, and EEEK! There was a HUGE beetle down at the foot of the bed, IN the bed.  It was cockroach sized, but happily not a cockroach.  It must have come in through the window, and was rather reluctant to leave again.  I was a touch reluctant to share my bed with it, and relieved when I finally managed to get it out the window.  I would say I’ve been checking the bed neurotically since then, but to be honest I’m mostly too tired to care!



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  1. We have little scorpions that appear in the oddest places. So I can understand your reaction.

  2. vicaragekate

    Scorpions! YEEEK! That really does put my beetle into perspective. Simon has been looking a bit nervous since he read about your scorpions! I’ll take giant beetles over little scorpions anyday!

  3. They are really not that bad. They are at most an inch long. We have never been stung by one but I have heard that it is not a bad sting. I still don’t want to test that theory.

    I have been freaking out because I read this news story about giant pythons moving into the souther region of the USA. These are pythons people kept as pets and then when they got too big for them to handle THEY RELEASED THEM INTO THE WILD!!!!!!!!!!! What were they thinking?!?!?!?!? After I told Markus this, he had to look up python youtube vidoes and then relate all the gruesome details to me. But I have to remind myself that whatever the Lord throws my way He has promised to give me the strength to overcome, but in the mean time I need to keep my imagination captive.

  4. vicaragekate

    This one is my personal nightmare. When we were living in Turkish Cyprus I saw lots of snakes in the wild and they even used to come into the house (poisonous ones as well as “harmless” ones). My mother, who is terrified of birds, was a dab hand at killing snakes with a spade.

  5. Oh, I think I would die if I had a snake in my house. Literally, just fall down and die.

  6. Guess what? I shot a snake yesterday!!!!!!!!

  7. vicaragekate

    Yaaaaaaaaaaargh! (screaming in terror, and lifting feet off the floor)

    I am terribly impressed, though!

  8. I couldn’t believe I got it. Markus said it wasn’t poisonous (though it will bite), but it was right where the children play and I wasn’t taking any chances.

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