It seems that whenever I’m awake Simon is on the computer or is having a meeting in the study (where the computer is).  When I do manage to get back on I will post some photos from our church outing to Salisbury last Saturday.  Apart from that trip, I’ve been

  • shopping for some books and goodies for party bags for the church children’s party coming up soon (we’ve never done party bags before, and I’m delighted to say I managed to get some good bargains today)
  • getting excited about the European football cup matches – I’m not really a football fan, and neither Scotland nor England have qualified this year.  However, Turkey (where I was brought up) did qualify, and watching them play has kept me on the edge of my seat as they have repeatedly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the last few minutes of each game.  They are now through to the semi-finals, playing Germany tonight (and almost certainly being defeated by them).
  • sleeping!


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  1. Wow about Turkey; could not *believe* they beat Croatia on Friday night; it was so all over till the last kick of the ball.

    I’m supporting Turkey tonight since they are the underdogs (and since Germany are the traditional English football rival)


  2. vicaragekate

    No big surprise that Turkey lost to Germany (3-2) last night – they did play very well though and getting to the semi-final is a great achievement. I was glued to the set throughout and desperately trying to visualize what was happening when we lost the pictures for 10 minutes due to the storms in Vienna.

  3. Wasn’t that a incredible game! Of course, I was rooting for Germany because mein liebe Mann is German. I was also baby sitting and scared the children by my cheering when the Germans got their first goal to tie it up. ( My niece said “Auntie Leigh, why are you screaming? You hurt my ears.” Thankfully the baby didn’t wake up.) It was agony when the picture went out, but on you can see all the replays. Turkey was very impressive. We watched dumbfounded as they beat Croatia. It has been an exciting Euro Cup.
    I will be sad when it is over because I enjoy watching it so much with mein Herr ;-).
    Glad you are sleeping. Get as much as you can!

  4. vicaragekate

    Sorry, Leigh Ann, about Germany’s defeat – it was a great game, though.

  5. I was very sad:-(. But they are doing great. Rated third in the world after Spain and Italy. Can’t wait for the World Cup.

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