veggies and menu

This weeks veggies are:

new potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, broad beans, ramiro peppers, pointed cabbage, green batavia lettuce, wet garlic, and we also received a complementary bag of basil (smells wonderful)

I’ve supplemented this weeks vegetable delivery with a couple of aubergine and some potatoes.

The menu for the week is:

  • Wednesday – parmesan aubergine 
  • Thursday – fish cakes, salad
  • Friday – quinoa, roast veg with feta
  • Saturday – falafel, salad, flat bread
  • Sunday – roast chicken, new pots, carrots, broad beans
  • Monday – left over chicken, salad, potato salad

I’m not managing to finish our supply of carrots each week – we are a fortnight behind at the moment.  I think we might have to start eating a carrot with each meal!  More carrot cake coming up . . .



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3 responses to “veggies and menu

  1. Is aubergine what Americans call eggplant? Markus and I were discussing this a while ago. I need to get motivated to cook more. You do such a good job.

  2. MrsC

    You could always make carrot soup, carrot battons for munching on or freeze the carrots.

  3. vicaragekate

    Yes, aubergine is eggplant, I’ve always wondered about that name.
    I think I need to major on the carrot batons – having them available as snacks would help keep my weight down, too. If the weather cools down again I will go for carrot soup – otherwise the carrots are appearing in various forms as part of salad meals. I would freeze them if this were a temporary glut, but this is the one item in the box we never seem able to finish.

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