Salisbury trip

Simon is at Church so I have access to the computer, and I’m baking the bread that has been rising throught the night so I have to stay awake.  Good time to share with you some photos from the Church outing to Salisbury last Saturday!  Despite some problems with the coach we had hired for the occasion everyone had a good time.  Simon and I used to work in Salisbury diocese and Simon was ordained at Salisbury Cathedral so we know the city a bit.  It is a charming and bustling market city.  Salisbury Cathedral is celebrating its 750th year and there was a flower show in the Cathedral as part of the celebrations.

  The Cathedral has the tallest spire in Britain – making it difficult to fit into photos!  There is always scaffolding up somewhere on the outside of the Cathedral for the restoration works – have to take photos from different sides on each visit!  The building in the adjoining photo is of the 18th century Mompesson House now owned by the National Trust.  I enjoyed a visit to that for the first time on Saturday.  Sadly, the National Trust never allow photos to be taken in their properties so I have no interior pics to show you.  I particularly wanted a photo of the fabulous dining table set for dessert with fruit and nuts.

    The archway leading into the Cathedral Close.

  Useful travelling information!

  Part of the west end of the Cathedral.

  A glimpse into the interior and the flower show.  When we were leaving all the chairs were about to be put back in time for Sunday morning.

  Not the most splendid of the displays, but I loved the way this looked like a floral wedding cake.

   My favourite part of the Cathedral – the cloister.

I’d like to say that being in the Cathedral brought back many memories, and it did bring back some, but the truth is that visiting the toilets brought back so many more!  All those times I’d dashed in and out before and after services, queued up, met people in there. . .   I guess this all says a lot about the way my memory works.



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3 responses to “Salisbury trip

  1. Oh, that looks like fun. We enjoyed peeking in all the churches that we could while we were in Germany. And, yes, there is usually scaffolding involved. Markus likes touring cathedrals, but he is mostly checking out the size of the organ and hoping to snag a concert:-).

  2. Cat

    I love the traveling directions! That shows someone with a great sense of humor! :O)

    I hope you are feeling well!

    xo Cat

  3. O.K I am so proud of myself…..I just realized that I could in large the pictures….very cool. I love the direction sign too. But if you ever decide to come to the Carolinas-when I get there-we might want to give you a few more detailed directions. 😉
    I loved the pictures……all the details and history are right up my alley. 750 years old….that is amazing.
    I am glad you had a great trip. And you must be feeling good to do the traveling. The only time morning sickness hit me with my son was when I was in the car…..but with Julia–well she was a different story. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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