Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

While my mother was staying last week we went to the Royal Horticultural Society’s flower show at Hampton Court Palace.  It was fabulous.  We went on Thursday and enjoyed good weather – it had been raining very heavily the previous couple of days and the mud was overwhelming, but at least it stayed mainly dry for us.

The show was huge, we were there ’til closing time and still had bits we hadn’t seen properly.  I can assure you that I visited every toilet block on the site though!  Photos can’t do the exhibits justice, but can give you a bit of an idea of what it was like. 

  This is part of the exhibit of the Trinidad and Tobago society.  It seemed so vibrant, and we felt warmer just looking at it.

  The Thai tourism authority built this recreation of a floating market for the occasion.

  Looking back down the Long Water to the back of Hampton Court Palace.  Not the Palace’s most picturesque side in my opinion, but it was the side butting on to the show.

  Part of the national farmers’ union’s display – all fruit and veg with flowers in colour co-ordinated groups going round the display.

 This cottage was put up just for the show.  All the gardens, buildings etc. are all temporary – put together the week before just for the 6 days of the show. 

  I didn’t think this was that attractive but again couldn’t believe how it had been put up in such a short time just for the exhibition.

      I really liked this tiny garden.  Again, the photos don’t do it justice.  The round dark bit in front of the teepee is a little water feature.  The pencils in the border reflect the colours of the flowers behind them.

Just a tiny peek at a huge show – I hope you enjoyed it!


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