Scan photo!

We’ve just been down to the hospital for a nuchal fold scan.  We weren’t going to have this done as we won’t abort and I wouldn’t want to have the more intrusive and risky amnio or CVS.  This meant there was little point to having this scan as it is only a screening test (for Down’s syndrome) and so would give us a risk factor which might just worry us.  Anyway, talking to the midwife when I had my blood tests last week I decided to go ahead with it just to check everything was progressing OK – I was beginning to doubt there was anything in there!  Result:

One extremely active baby in there!  I am now officially at 12 wks, 2 days – three days further on from where the hospital’s previous calculations would have had me.  The radiographer said everything appeared to be developing normally.  We did get the estimated risk for Down’s syndrome based on the nuchal fold measurement combined with the blood test I had last week.  I’m glad we did:

the normal risk for a baby whose mother is 35:  1 in 243

the risk they calculated today:  1 in 3145 !

(This is a risk factor assessment only – it doesn’t mean that we have the all clear, it just makes the likelihood of Down’s very small.)

Based on these results they wouldn’t give me amnio or CVS anyway, so whether I would or would not be willing to have them is immaterial!

It was so amazing watching the baby moving around – s/he was asleep when the scan started but then woke up and started moving around.  A lot.  Reminiscent of the dog who goes from 0-60 in about 2 seconds. Oh, dear!



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5 responses to “Scan photo!

  1. There are very few times when I read a post and it brings tears to my eyes. But, girl….this did. I remember when I first learned ya’ll could not have children and were going to try and adopt. I remember praying and asking God to give you a baby to adopt. But instead of anothers baby….He gave you one of your own. Aren’t we glad that He did His will instead of ours?
    It was sweet to see your little one. And I thank God for the health of this little bundle of His.
    I thank Him in advance for your health too.
    Love ya girl
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. So pleased to see the scan; it really is a miracle. I am glad your nuchal fold scan was good; I had a 1:13 “chance” of Down Syndrome with one of my children based on that test. It was a terrifying time and I was put under a lot of pressure to abort the baby. But like you say it is only a statistic – and he’s fine.

    A “bad” statistic can cause a lot of stress, so I am glad you cleared that hurdle. Will you find out the gender later, or wait till the birth?

  3. MrsC

    I am so pleased that everything is going as it should be.

  4. vicaragekate

    Thank you all so much for your good wishes.
    God is so gracious.
    I definitely want to find out the gender at the scan in September (they do offer us the choice of finding out here), Simon is not quite so keen to know in advance. Bless him, he is willing to find out if I want to, though!

  5. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! It is so amazing to get that first glimpse. The Lord is good and His lovingkindness is over all His works.

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