students and food

The two Russian students who are staying with us for 3 weeks are sweet 16 year old girls.  It is nice to hear them giggling with each other.   Alas, they don’t eat, though.  Well, obviously they do eat a little, but it really is just a little.  All the teenage boys we’ve had staying with us in the past have had grand appetites, and all the adults have tended to eat well, so these girls are a bit of a contrast.  No surprise that they are very slim.  I’ve had to play around with the menu a bit, moving to more salad-based meals, which is fine by us, as well.  I had had the menu planned out for the whole three weeks before they arrived – ah, well, they are cheaper to feed!  I’m supplementing the veggie box with lots of salad items, and the carrots are taking over the kitchen, I still can’t get through them fast enough!


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