bad foot week continues. . .

but this time the victim is the dog, not me.

  This is our poor hound, wearing his buster collar.  The affected paw is the front left, and we are to leave it unbandaged.  Bertie is managing to turn himself into a contortionist, somehow licking the paw regardless of the collar, but he can only do this when he is standing up!  At least that limits it a bit!  The vet thinks it is a skin infection of sorts and we have an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo to use on the paw once a day.  I am also washing it with salt water.  It seems to be getting worse instead of better – though I always find it difficult to know whether what is going on is part of the healing process or is really a step backwards.  We will see how it is in the morning and go back to the vet if necessary.

Bertie loves trips to the vet’s surgery – he must be their only patient who charges the door in his eagerness to get in.  (All those interesting smells, and friendly people)  The vet we saw this time was a lovely lady from Australia.  We went out into the street so she could see how Bertie was walking, how much he was limping.  He got so excited he walked entirely on his hind legs, so we gave up and went back indoors.  Even in pain he is still full of enthusiasm for everything; at 4 years old he has slowed down a little, but not enough to make him into “normal” dog.  He is a puppy at heart, and very excitable.  I only managed to take the photo by holding a biscuit by the camera!


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  1. Health problems with our pets can be very trying.
    I remember when our dog started having problems and we knew he was in pain but did not know what to do. When you have had them awhile they really
    become part of the family.
    Hope he gets better soon.

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