Paws again

Well, the dog’s paw didn’t heal up despite a week of antibiotics, and yesterday the vet operated and removed a grass seed that had embedded itself in there.  Problem solved, we hope.  I can’t help wondering whether he would have been able to lick it to the surface if he hadn’t been wearing a buster collar to prevent him accessing it. 

While he was safely tucked up at the vet’s, Simon and I made the most of a day off without him by going shopping and doing some chores.  Simon hasn’t been shopping for months – he had some gift vouchers from his birthday in March to spend!  I got a gorgeous pair of gold sandals from the clearance rack at TK Maxx (incredible bargain) – the cat has fallen in love with them and keeps sniffing them and purring (I assume it is the smell of the leather that is attracting her.  Or is she turning into some kind of feline fashionista?)

I was able to use my first ever mobile ‘phone to ring the vet’s to check up on Bertie.  You read correctly – I have made it to 35 without ever having a mobile ‘phone.  Simon and I decided we really ought to have one for emergencies and to take on holiday with us.  He did have a mobile several years ago, but hasn’t had one since we got married.  Technology is catching up with us! 

When we were allowed to pick up Bertie we were met with a very glassy-eyed spaniel, still eager enough to pull the veterinary nurse down the hallway to us, but sooooo much calmer and quieter than our usual canine companion.  It was wonderful.  (I did ask if we could have something to dope him up with on a more regular basis!)  He was still up for a bit of cat chasing when we got him home, but it took him a while to figure out what he was looking at!  He is still a bit sleepy today, and we can’t walk him until his paw heals up, so that gives us more time in our day!

Our Russian students went home early on Sunday morning – they were sweet girls and we enjoyed hosting them.  We have been really blessed with all the students we have hosted over the past two years, none of them have been any trouble, they have all been good guests in our home, and we are truly grateful for this.



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2 responses to “Paws again

  1. Duman

    This is one of the best blogs I have ever read in WordPress…
    If you’re interested in health blogs,check mine..

  2. I am glad your little one is on the mend. And I had to laugh at you asking for a little dope to take home. 🙂
    And, good for you for holding out so long on the cell phone. Sometimes I wonder what we have come to in that we can not wait till we see someone…..we have to call right away.
    Sometimes they are a blessing…sometimes a great aggravation.
    But, you will love it once the baby comes along. Who wants to try and change a tire while trying to keep a baby comfortable? Husband to the rescue!
    I almost forgot you had roomies…..they must have been really great!

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