Holiday treats

  I’ve bought a couple of treats for our holiday!  The slippers look like they might even glow in the dark, I got them down the road for £1.  The book, The Gentle Art by Penny Armstrong and Sheryl Feldman, is one I’ve wanted to read for quite a while, it is about Penny Armstrong’s work as a midwife to the Amish community in Pennsylvannia.  Our library did once have a copy but lost it, and I have finally managed to get a copy secondhand through Amazon (cheap, too!).  I’ve had to be very disciplined with myself not to read this in advance of our holiday!

While I’ve been on the computer, we’ve just had a ‘phone call from one of the Russian girls who was staying with us, and her mother, to say thank you – how kind!  They’ve also invited us to Russia, maybe one day!

The dog’s paw seems to be healing well, and he is more himself today.

The plan is to leave here early tomorrow morning.  We never manage to set off as early as we hope to, but my plan is to pack up the car (parked in our garage) tonight, and that way speed things up for the morning.  We are hoping to camp/hotel for the first couple of nights before crossing over to the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides at the weekend.  We have a caravan booked there for a week, and then we have another ferry trip to South Uist to stay in a cottage there for a week.  Then it is camp/hotel back down to London.  We are praying for a relaxing and a refreshing rest.

I’d better go and pack!



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3 responses to “Holiday treats

  1. I do hope that ya’ll have a fantastic time. Traveling will not be the same once you have your new addition. Fun……just in a different way.
    I had never heard of the book you spoke of but my SIL who has three boys is SOLD on midwives. She has two at the hospital with a midwife and the last one she had at home in her living room in a pool.
    I had gone to help her but the baby had other ideas and did not come until after I left.
    She had a great delivery. Her husband said it was a very holy experience that most women miss out on because they are drugged.
    Had both of mine by c-section…..didn’t have a choice.
    Sooooo, ya’ll have a great time…..take pictures! 😉

  2. Hope you have a great time! While you are gone I will catch up on all you have been doing while I was gone on holiday.

  3. Wondering when you are coming home. 🙂
    Hope you are having a good time and you took plenty of pictures!

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