catch up

 This is the cutie that stayed with us for an all-too-brief few days last weekend.  Isn’t he gorgeous?!  He was very sweet and no bother at all, apart from crying whenever one of us was out of sight (yes, even if we just went to the loo he would sit outside the door and cry).  We had to move him to sleep in the bedroom with us – I was concerned that this might upset our dog but he just seemed glad that the visitor was out of his sight! (and earshot!).


I seem to be permanently playing catch up at the moment. 

  • I’ve been tackling the post that has built up in my absence, and booking dentist/ doctor/optician appointments. 
  • Tomorrow I’ve got the hairdresser in the morning and then the dentist for a check-up in the afternoon.  An extra bonus of being pregnant is that the dentist is FREE! 
  • I’ve decided to do a cookery course – just a couple of hours a week for 3 months, starting in a fortnight’s time – I am going to register for that tomorrow.  I’ve fancied doing some sort of cookery course for a while, but finding something affordable and at a convenient time has been difficult.  This course is at a nearby further education college.  As I cooked dinner yesterday by the glow of a small kitchen fire I think I could really do with a course!  (Thankfully the kitchen and my eyebrows are all still intact, I just need to replace a saucepan.  I was distracted peeling carrots while I heated some oil in the saucepan to brown some beef, so totally my own fault.  The flames were surprisingly impressive, and it burnt for longer than I’d have imagined.  I was very grateful that there is nothing above the hobs on the stove, not even a cooker hood.)
  • We are trying to sort out the rest of Simon’s holiday leave for this year – when to take it and where to go.  The when is reasonably simple as we only have November as an option! 
  • I’ve been buying some clothes – I’ve grown out of most of my wardrobe!  I had a discount voucher to use online for a maternity wear shop so I have placed an order.  A swimsuit so I can try to keep fit in the local pool, a good dress for Church and other dressing up occasions, and a pair of trousers which will work with a variety of tops.  I’ve already got a denim skirt from ebay and I have been living in it for the last three weeks.
  • I’ve got a few hours of work to put in on the Church accounts (next up after this little bloggy diversion).
  • Good news, though: I’ve caught up with the washing and ironing!


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2 responses to “catch up

  1. Glad you are catching up on a few things….this always makes me feel better.
    You’ll have to share with us what you learn in this cooking class… fun. I used to think that I would love to teach a cooking class. There are so many things that look hard but with a little info they can open so many new food ideas.
    Neat to hear how you are expanding……how exciting!
    Because of a limited budget during my pregnancies I found that I could usually go into a larger womans shop and find things that I could wear. And the fact is that there were not many maternity options for clothing in our area when I had my first child. It was also good for afterwards. Until I lost my extra weight I did not have to wear maternity cloths.

  2. I know what you mean about cooking classes. I desperately need to learn how to properly *cook* rather than just mixing basic ingredients and making basic meals

    Let us know how you get on

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