Holiday photos, part 2

It is a grey and rainy day here, so a great time to be looking at holiday snaps!

 Definitely one of my favourites from this holiday, this is in the hills on South Uist with the heather in full bloom.

   Looking across to the Isle of Skye from South Uist. I love these old houses – this one has been renovated quite recently (sadly this is not what we were staying in!).  During a short break in the rain in Glen Coe, (the Highlands).  Glen Etive, in the Highlands.  Probably the most attractive of the Scottish glens.

   Heading south – the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.



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3 responses to “Holiday photos, part 2

  1. I love the sound of all the places… sounds so romantic. I know silly American. 🙂
    The view was beautiful….what a special place to be able to vacation. I would imagine that the place was steep in great history. Hmmm….maybe one day I will be able to visit myself. If not…this once Jesus returns I wonder if He would mind if I take a trip around and see all I didn’t get to visit before His return. We shall see. 🙂
    These pictures will bring back such lovely memories for ya’ll. We will celebrate 20 years nxt month and we have already started with the “remember when?”.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures are great.

  2. Jeff

    I love the little houses. Reminds me of medieval times. I wont object if I was shipped off to Scotland.

  3. Hey, it is rainy and gray here too. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope you are feeling well.

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