We’ve had the results back for Simon’s leg – it is a basal cell cancer (also known as a “rodent ulcer”, charming, huh?!).  This isn’t exactly the best news we could have had but we have been reassured that it is not actually bad news.  This is a superficial, very slow growing malignancy.  We have an appointment with the dermatologist at the beginning of November, and we can talk through the treatment options then, but they have already told us that they may well treat with creams rather than excise.  I’d rather cut it out and be done with it, but apparently the ointment route is a fairly new but successful one.



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  1. What a name!
    I think the cream sounds good. Keith has had a spot or two since he has worked out door most of his life. Here they freeze the spot or cut it out. At least the cream should not cause as much visible damage. Skin cancer seems to be becoming more popular. Thank heaven it is not like other types. And good you found it when you did.

  2. vicaragekate

    Agree about the name – I guess they weren’t going to name it after anything pretty!
    I’m glad that treatment has been successful for Keith and that it was caught early on for him, too. All types of skin cancer do seem to be on the increase, we have to learn to be alert to changes in our skin and our spouses skin. Although I’d noticed this 2 years ago we weren’t convinced it was anything to worry about, and indeed we could easily have left it for another couple of years without getting it checked out. I’m so grateful that we did get it checked out and that our doctor referred Simon to the dermatologist – it would have been easy for him to dismiss it as it didn’t look like any of the photos of anything serious.

  3. I keep telling Markus to go get the moles on his back checked. You just never know. I am glad that y’all found it and pray that the Lord leads you to the right treatment and healing.

  4. vicaragekate

    Thank you, Leigh Ann. Keep nagging Markus, just in case there is anything there. I’m guessing Simon will be quicker to get anything checked out in future!

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