“season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”

  I love autumn colours and marvel each year at the way the leaves change.  Last week we had a church trip to Sheffield Park in Sussex (heading south from us) – this is a garden with a large variety of trees and it gave us a great opportunity to enjoy autumn leaves at their finest.  We left breathtaken by the beauty of God’s creation, and by my stupidity at leaving my camera at home.  The photo here is of Ashdown forest (also in Sussex) where we walked the dog on Monday on the way to visit Simon’s birth mother in her nursing home.

I am contemplating trying to bring back a revival of the word “fall” for “autumn” in British English.  This was in use when the pilgrims went to America, hence the U.S. usage, but fell out of use here.  It is such an evocative word, so appropriate for areas with deciduous trees.


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  1. You know I never realize that the use of fall and Autumn was different according to where you live. I have noticed that friends in Canada us the word Autumn more than fall.
    Loved the picture….we have some great changes in the trees in our area too. It is so nice to be here at this time of year. God is truly an artist.

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