Yesterday we went down to Poole (in Dorset, on the south coast) where we used to live, to visit a friend and her new baby girl.  Baby Jessica is gorgeous (sorry, no photos of her – to protect their privacy) and tiny.  She was actually due this week but was born 3 weeks ago after induction due to mum’s pre-eclampsia.  Mother and baby are doing very well, it is baby number 3 for our friend who is also a childcare professional so she is confident and relaxed and knows what she is doing.  Baby Jessica was 7 lbs 4 oz at birth so is a good healthy weight, but seems so tiny and fragile – and then I think of pushing out something that size and she seems ENORMOUS! 

Inspired by some pictures I’d seen (and instructions found on the internet), I made a nappy (diaper) cake:

   I’m really pleased with how it turned out – not bad for a first attempt!  This isn’t something we have over here (though a few businesses are springing up selling them now, at great expense), but I think it is a cute idea.  I enjoyed making it, too.

We took a quick trip to the beach to give the dog a run and to see the sea.  This beach (Branksome Dene Chine) used to be just 3 miles from our house. The view from the beach:


A close up of Old Harry’s Rocks:


Looking left from the beach – the cliff is part of the Isle of Wight  

As you can see we were blessed with good weather (in fact we had the best weather of the day when we were walking on the beach).  Coming back I had lovely views of the stars as we drove across the dark New Forest (poor Simon driving had to be content with a view of other cars’ lights!) – a clear night and cold.  We had a frost this morning, our first this autumn that I’m aware of.  Today has been bright but much colder.  We’ve had a very mild autumn so far, but it seems that the weather has finally changed.


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