in which bicarbonate of soda works wonders, the oven doesn’t work at all, and we have window joy

I said it was cold – as we were going to bed last night we realised it was snowing.  Well, mainly it was a sleety rain, but there were definite snow flakes in there.  It didn’t settle, which I am glad about, and we have been having another bright but cold day today.

The dog threw up in the study yesterday, and the smell has been really, really, bad.  Simon and I have scrubbed the carpet, I’ve steam cleaned the carpet, we have had the window open, used enough air freshener for that alone to make us feel ill, and still the smell lingers.  It hasn’t just lingered in the study either, it has pervaded the entire house.  In the recesses of my memory I seemed to have something about bicarbonate of soda helping in these situations.  I did a google search (I am really loving the internet at the moment) and came up with instructions to make the bicarb into a thick paste with some water and rub it into the area (you then hoover it out when it is all dry and its work is done).  I didn’t have a lot of bicarb in the cupboard but the little I had has worked its magic – we have actually been able to use the study with window and door shut.  Amazing.  Simple, cheap and effective.

The oven stop working on Sunday as I was heating it to roast our beef.  I was not a happy bunny.  We have a small top oven (with grill) which is uneconomical but did cook the beef, and I fried the potatoes so all was not lost.  We had to say goodbye to the idea of Yorkshire pudding, though.  Ironically, I had been feeling so tired that I was threatening everyone with pasta for dinner instead of a roast.  Clearly the oven felt much the same as me.  So no cakes, no home-made bread.  I feel bereft.  The crockpot is putting in overtime though – leak and potato soup for lunch, and now a steamed pudding cooking in there for dessert this evening.  I am pretty certain that the oven element needs replacing.  I know I can order a spare through the manufacturer’s website, I just need to work out whether this is something I can replace myself or whether I need an engineer/electrician (and how much that will set us back).

We had some good news this morning, though.  We had a letter through to say that the diocese has approved a quote to replace our windows.  We are going to have new windows.  New, double-glazed windows.  Double-glazed windows that don’t have rotting frames.  I danced for joy in the hallway.  That will save money on our heating bills, not to mention making the house warmer.  And safer.  And quieter.  Yippee.  Praise the Lord!  Work can start whenever the company can do it.  I am so grateful.



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2 responses to “in which bicarbonate of soda works wonders, the oven doesn’t work at all, and we have window joy

  1. I am glad the mixture worked on the carpet…pregnancy is not a good time to have yucky smells floating around. Once we get into a house we will be getting a dog for Julia….so I will have to remember this.
    Sorry about the oven….but sounds like you are doing great with the crock pot. I was not sure that the little oven in our camper was going to live up to bread baking…..but it did great! The sourdough starter that my SIL gave me did great…..I guess…I have never made sourdough before. But it did taste good. I think next time I will try mixing some wheat flour in and see what happens. I have been suing Google to do some research…it was very informative.
    Love the food talk….bought some potatoes to make some potato soup too….don’t know if my crew would go for the leeks. 🙂 Hope you can fix the oven yourself…but be careful!

  2. I guess I should have said that I have been USING Google……. 😉

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