Well, the re-painting works have come to a grinding halt.  Not because of the size of the bump (as Sharon foresaw and I feared), but because of these:


Apparently all the pain and swelling (and the numbness at night) I’ve been suffering with in my hands is pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.  So now I have to sleep with wrist splints on, and I am also to wear them when my hands are at rest during the day.  I am hoping that after a few nights of wearing the splints I might be in less pain during the day and might be able to get back to doing a bit more again (like the painting, say).  Simon has said he will finish off the painting when he has a couple of days off after Christmas.

In the meantime, we are off on holiday!  We are going to Bruges (Belgium) for 4 days, coming back on Saturday night.  We have been before, both separately and together, and it is a charming place and quite easy to get around on foot.  I’m looking forward to those Belgian chocolates!



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  1. Have you been on the boat trip in Bruges? So lovely! I didn’t get a chance to see the lace makers though. And those chocolates! I hope you have a wonderful time. So sorry about the carpal tunnel. I had it, but not that bad. I just had one finger that I couldn’t feel the entire pregnancy. My job at the time required typing which was very weird with a numb finger.

  2. Wow I have never heard of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel……how odd. I do hope you are feeling better and that you were able to enjoy your vacation time.
    How neat to be able to be surrounded by so many incredible places to visit. I am hoping that we that soon we can take Julia to Washington to visit the Smithsonian and Williamsburg. I enjoyed these place when I was young…..I would love to share these with her.
    I am glad that you are going to get help with the painting……Keith hates to paint…..but maybe he would do it if I really could not. My sister helped me do the painting when I was expecting.
    Take care.

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