of windows and shopping

Workmen arrived this morning and started replacing our windows.  We are getting double-glazing!  I am so happy.  Also rather cold as the wind whistles through the windowless rooms while they work.  We didn’t know they were coming today until the end of last week, so it is all happening sooner than we expected at this stage.  (Actually, my beloved husband found out on Friday that they were starting work today, but didn’t tell me until Saturday night.  We had just had good news about the Church heating and our window situation just kinda slipped his mind.)  The workmen think they will have the job finished in about a week – this is extra good news as I’d assumed it would take much longer.  The disruption is huge while this is going on (we are having to tie the dog up to furniture and the cat is hiding under the duvet), but it will be fantastic to get it all over and done with.  I’m looking forward to a much warmer house when the work is finished.  This is our 5th winter in the house and we can rarely get the living room over 15 degrees Centigrade at this time of year (actually it rarely gets up to that temperature even), the first year when one of the radiators in there wasn’t working properly I considered contacting the local funeral director to offer use of the room as a temporary mortuary!  We are so grateful that the diocese has found the money in its budget to reglaze us this year, even more grateful that the work will be done before the baby arrives.  As heating costs continue to rise it will be great to be able to retain a bit more of the heat we put into the house.

When the chaps arrived to start work I was busy loading my shopping trolley in Sainsbury’s.  I was getting close to finishing, about to hit the freezer aisle, when the alarms went off and we were evacuated.  Thankfully, they were letting people into the carpark so I was able to wait in the car for a while before I decided that I might as well come home as clearly we weren’t going to get back in to the shop for quite some time.  It is an inconvenience, but we have food at home so we aren’t exactly going to starve!  I’ve just placed an order online to be delivered later this week instead of trying to go back and I’ve been able to get a few more heavy items than I could have managed in store on my own (a month’s supply of cat litter, for example!) – so it is not all bad!



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2 responses to “of windows and shopping

  1. You are too funny…..a mortuary in your front room!
    I am glad that it is going to get much warmer…drafts are not so fun. And you are right it will be nice to have it done before the baby arrives.
    How cool to be able to have your groceries delivered. I don’t think we have that here in our area…I know we didn’t have it where we lived before.

  2. vicaragekate

    Turns out my 15 degrees was an over-estimate. I took the temperature in there yesterday morning just after the heating had gone off and it was a chilly 11 degrees!
    The groceries delivery just arrived while I was on here! We are blessed to have this service available to us. It is really not the same as going to the shop yourself (the cat litter hasn’t turned up), but it is great to have the choice!

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