32 weeks and counting

Well, I am HUGE!  Technically my bump is exactly the right size for my dates, but everyone keeps commenting on how big I am, and whenever I look in the mirror I am completely taken aback.  (I guess all that eating during the first 4 months may have had something to do with this!  I have put on about 13 kilos/ 28 lbs in total) 

Finding clothes to wear is a challenge.  I’ve been blessed to receive some hand-me-downs, and I’ve bought several new items, but a lot of items in the shops seem to be very low cut on top.  Most maternity collections do not have any skirts in them this winter (most have short dresses), and nowhere I’ve looked at has any long skirts.  Obviously the answer is to make my own clothes (though fabric is expensive here), but I haven’t started on the curtains for the nursery yet, and, frankly, curtain making is stretching the current limits of my sewing ability.  Footwear is also being a challenge – I’ve had to go up a shoe size.  I have wide feet anyway and tend to go for sensible, comfortable shoes, but it got to the stage a few weeks ago when I had to buy a new pair of larger shoes or spend the rest of the pregnancy wearing walking boots/ going barefoot!

My carpal tunnel syndrome is bad – my hands and wrists are very swollen and my palms painful when I use my hands.  However, this pales into insignificance beside the pelvic pain I’ve been suffering from.  I’ve been in some measure of pain on one side for the past 3+ weeks now, originally I assumed I’d pulled a muscle, but early last week it got so bad I could hardly move around the house at all.  The doctor has referred me for physiotherapy (and I’ve just got an appointment for that for tomorrow), and I’ve been to see an osteopath privately.  Seeing the osteopath certainly helped, helped a lot – although in some discomfort still (discomfort not excrutiating pain) I am so much more mobile.  This time last week I could barely move;  this morning I walked to my ante-natal class and back, a distance of around 2 miles.  The osteopath reckons she can help with the carpal tunnel syndrome as well, and has given me some exercises to do. 

I’m still anaemic, and have just been given a new batch of iron supplements to take, my indigestion has been getting better though. 

All this probably makes pregnancy sound terrible, but I certainly don’t feel that way about it.  My bump may seem huge (to me and to everyone else), but I’m astounded by how little it actually limits my movement.  I feel delighted every time I feel the baby move.  I am so grateful that God has made us part of His work of creation through this miracle.



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2 responses to “32 weeks and counting

  1. Well, having been through some of the things you have been through…..it doesn’t sound horrible at all.
    I had pain in my lower stomach during my last pregnancy. It was so horrible that getting up and down our 13 stairs was almost impossible. I thought something was seriously wrong but the doctor said it was just stretching going on in the pelvic area. When Julia was born..by C-section-she was 9 pounds 3 oz. She was a big baby. And saying that I was huge was a BIG understatement. 😉
    I am flat footed and I also have a wide foot…so I had the same problem with shoes. I think I ended up wearing slip on shoes when I was not at home…and was barefoot at home.
    She was all worth it in the end. 🙂
    I am glad that you are able to get some therapy to help with the pain and that your indigestion is getting better. I had this horribly with Julia…and people said that it was because she was going to be born with a lot of hair. She was….she had so much that people jokingly said it look like she was wearing a black wig. 🙂
    Hope you are having a great day and that the windows are finished or almost finished and that you are staying warm in the process.

  2. You have such a wonderful attitude about all these discomforts. I hope you find some relief soon. My s-i-l had horrible hip pains with her pregnancies.
    I was wondering if you could e-mail me your address. I would like to send you a Christmas card.

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