Quick update

kate-bday-julianne-first-month-031-compressed  Just a very quick update while Julianne is sleeping!

Thank you so much for your prayers and best wishes.  We can’t believe we have been so blessed to have this gorgeous little girl in our lives.  Truly an awesome responsiblity though.

I’ve had mastitis, so more antibiotics (and more pain, ouch), but Julianne has been going from strength to strength, she is just amazing.  She is already growing out of some of the newborn bodysuits we have as she is quite long in the leg.  We all got a bit more sleep last night, so I’m feeling much more with it today!

We’ve had snow here, it actually settled for a few days, and we had no post for a week as the postmen couldn’t/ wouldn’t get through (not very impressive that is it?).  At about 7 inches here this is the most snow that London has had for many years.  All melted now, so life is back to normal.



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  1. She is beautiful Kate!
    I am so glad you are doing better and that your precious one is growing and healthy.

    Sleep can be a major thing for a healthy mental life…grab it when you can because everything else can wait. It will still be there when Life has calmed.

    And how cool about the snow! Ya’ll were pretty excited I am sure. We are still not used to it snowing so we still get excited when we get a little snow here. I hope we will always be that way.

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