Time just seems to vanish with a little baby – I can’t believe she is already 7 weeks old (today).  Poor little thing has a terrible case of infant acne, but the GP has assured me that that will clear up soon on its own.  I have got mastitis again, or rather, probably, the  bout of mastitis that I had two and a half weeks ago didn’t quite heal and has resurfaced.  So it is more antibiotics.  Breastfeeding is a lot harder than I ever imagined, I’ve had a lot of problems, but Julianne is doing well on it and I am determined to keep going. 

We have unlooked for excitement at the Church today – the BBC is filming the funeral my husband is taking.  It is of a Jamaican member of our congregation, a lovely old man.  The BBC are filming it for a documentary they are producing on attitudes to death, to be presented by the actor Richard Wilson (of “One Foot in the Grave”  fame).  They wanted to film an Afro-Caribbean funeral, so here they are.  My husband has no yearnings for fame or worldly recognition so this is just extra stress for him, but the family were keen for it to go ahead so he gave permission.  He managed to cut himself shaving this morning so that should cut down on any screen time!  We don’t have any idea when this documentary will actually be shown, but both Simon and the family are to have a right to veto anything they are unhappy with.



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  2. Hard to believe that it moves so fast,isn’t it?
    Thinking of you and your loved ones, often –


  3. Hey girl, guess you can tell I haven’t been blogging much but I wanted to drop by and see if there was any new news.
    I am sorry you are having a hard time with the breast feeding…..I have been there. I wanted to do it with both of mine…but I just could not produce enough…so I breast fed for about a month or two with both.
    Do what you can…..but don’t stress.
    Time does pass fast….before you know it she will be rolling over and then trying to escape by crawling. Or she could do like Julia and bounce around on her seat to get where she wanted to go. I wondered if she would ever crawl. She finally did and from there it was non stop.
    Enjoy this time girl!

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