4 months today!

Julianne May 2009

Our gorgeous little girl is 4 months old today.  We still can’t quite believe she is here!  She is doing well and growing well (6.44kg / 14lbs 3oz at her weigh in last week), and it is fascinating to see her changing as the days go by.  She is such a good baby and is sleeping well at night.  I’ve not been so well, it has been one infection after another for, mainly mastitis (and yes, despite problems I am breastfeeding totally) but most recently tonsilitis as well.  Perhaps the infection that led to my emergency C-section weakened my resistance.  I’ve certainly never had to take so many antibiotics before.

As I am finding it impossible to get round to updating here regularly, I think the time has come to shut down my blog for a while.  I am sad to do that as I have enjoyed blogging, and I hope I will return in the future.  In the meantime, when I have some spare time (!) I hope to be visiting on your blogs – I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up with!



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5 responses to “4 months today!

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, Kate! (Must you shut the blog down? I love to see updates!)

    I pray your health returns quickly and you gain strength!

  2. Christine

    How beautiful is she!! I hope you feel much better soon so you have plenty of energy to enjoy her. I’ll miss checking your blog for updates but I wish you all lots of love, luck and happiness in the future.

  3. I just wanted to say that she is so beautiful!
    What a blessing is yours.
    I know it has been ages…but I was going through old bookmarks and decided I needed to stop by.
    I hope you are doing better…..sorry you have had health problems.
    If you start blogging again….let me know.

  4. valerie

    Kate, you should do an update! How is the little one? She must be getting big, now! Good news for us – we are expecting, too – another miracle baby! Woo hoo! Can’t wait.


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