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She’s here!


Praise the Lord!  Our little miracle, Julianne Grace, arrived on 9th January at 1.09pm by emergency caesarean.  Three weeks early, she weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz (3.45kg).  After a shaky start she is now doing well, and I am recovering well, too.  We can’t believe she is finally here, or how beautiful she is.  She is totally worth all the pain, and lack of sleep (and the seven years of waiting).  We are so, so grateful to God for this generous gift.  Thank you very much to all of you who have been praying for us – your support has meant a lot to us.

I will be off line for another week or two while I heal and try to get feeding established, then I’ll let you know more details about the birth.



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Christmas blessings

gerard_van_honthorstMay the obedience of Mary and Joseph, the wonder of the Shepherds, the joy of the wise men, and the peace of the Christ-child be yours this Christmastide.


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I’m delighted to be able to tell you all that after six and a half years of praying and hoping and trying for a baby, I’m pregnant!  Praise the Lord!   It is still really early days (about 6 weeks), and I have taken umpteen pregnancy tests.  I’d never ever even had a positive pregnancy test before.  God does indeed work in mysterious and miraculous ways. 

The first indication I had that I was pregnant was when I got a sudden stabbing pain low in my abdomen as I was making lunch one day (about 3 weeks ago).  I was so acute I couldn’t straighten up properly and yet at the same time I wanted to laugh.  Of course, laughing just made it hurt more but I still couldn’t stop!  I knew then that something special was going on.

We had been hoping to be at panel for our adoption application in July, but that is now an absolute no-go.  Our social worker has been really nice about all this and is coming round to see us next week to talk about the potential of our being able to apply again in a few years time.

I’m off for an afternoon nap now – I’m finding it impossible to stay awake all day.  Other than the tiredness and an overactive bladder I feel fine.  (and Simon has a constant grin on his face!)


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Simon and I (and the dog) are off tomorrow morning (Lord willing) to stay for a week in a caravan in north Devon.  Perhaps this is why we seem to be having what might actually be the coldest Easter on record here – it has been snowing on and off all morning! (I’ve been singing “I’m dreaming of a white Easter”)  We don’t care if it is cold, we will enjoy putting our feet up and reading.  Weather permitting, we will also do a little walking on the South West coastal path.

But first, we have the rest of our Easter Sunday worship,* a few loose ends to tie up, and we need to get packed!

* Simon and I have been in Church since 5.00am, our Resurrection celebrations start in the dark at 5.30am with a vigil, lighting of the new Paschal candle, renewal of baptismal vows and communion.  We then have a celebratory breakfast all together before a few of us hardy souls pull ourselves together for the better-attended 10.00am service.  Simon and I are not natural early risers – we set 4 alarm clocks to get us up on time this morning – but the dawn service with its symbolism of moving from darkness to light is my favourite service of the year.

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Wishing you all a joyful, blessed and peaceful celebration of our Lord and Saviour’s birth.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favour rests.”

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Holly has had a beautiful baby girl – and has already posted photos. Pop on over to admire baby Mariam and to rejoice with them if you haven’t been there already!

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Hey, look at this!

Sharon has very kindly awarded me:


 “This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

Thank you so much, Sharon.  I am really touched and absolutely thrilled.  In fact, literally jumping with joy in the study!  (And did you notice how pretty it is?  Really, really pretty!)

I’ve not been spending much time in blogland recently, and my visits have mainly been of the blog-hopping variety.  You know how it goes:  you start with one blog, follow a link to another, then another from there, then another . . . . Then, when I try to find the one with the interesting article, the one that made me laugh, etc, I have no idea where to find them. (I’ve tried retracing – I always end up somewhere else.)  So, I am only passing this on to one:  Leigh Ann.


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