Diet and reunion

Well, that diet was horrendously miserable really awful not too bad, really, and it has made a difference.  Simon has lost at least 6 pounds (not sure precisely how much as he didn’t have an up-to-date starting weight) and I lost 5 pounds.  However, my body fat percentage has gone up a couple of points.  So, either the pharmacy machine isn’t that precise or what I lost was mainly water.  At any rate, my clothes do fit a little better and my appetite is smaller now.  I’m planning to learn a bit more about nutrition and where our food comes from over the summer.  I also have a goal of eating more fruit (I’m one of those people who would rather have an extra portion of veg than eat a portion of fruit!).

My reunion with university friends on Saturday was tremendous fun, Simon really enjoyed it as well.  The other two married couples have babies now, one 10 months, one 13 months, and I got to spend most of the afternoon holding one or the other!  I also got to help with bathtime for one and to put on my first re-usable nappy (only my second ever nappy change).  We had a really good time catching up with people I haven’t seen for years, and getting to know a couple of friends-of-friends who had come, too.  Virtually all of us look pretty much exactly how we did 10+ years ago – the father of one of the babies still looks about 12 years old! – of course, I like to think that I am more elegant (or at least less gawky) than I was, but somehow I doubt it!


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  1. Well, five pounds is great if it is more than water loss.
    Glad you had a great visit—glad you enjoyed the diaper change time. My younger brother ans sister came along when I was 8, so i got plenty of chances to practice on them By the time I had my own i had had enough experience between them and being a nanny for awhile.
    I pray God blesses you with plenty of diapers to change really soon!

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